Online Freelancing Essentials


Just heard the word ‘freelancing’ or are curious what the term really means? Looking to make money off YOUR digital skill such as writing, editing, voiceovers, web development, design etc?

This free ebook simply gives you an idea of where to start plus whether becoming a freelancer is the right choice for you.


Whether you need to learn how to break in, get started, or earn as a freelance writer or even a freelancer in other digital skills like design, voice-overs etc, this ebook delivers actionable tips you can put right into use.

What’s in this e-book?

  • Understanding the state of the freelance community looks like.
  • What profitable niches you can freelance in.
  • How much you can potentially earn from working online as a freelancer.
  • Ever wondered if freelancing might be for you? Find out.
  • Habits you need to start your freelancing career on the right track.
  • The perks of freelancing that you haven’t been told
  • Why freelancing is profitable in Nigeria
  • Fundamental steps on how to start freelancing.


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