Freelance Success


In this ebook, I have put all that I learned about what it really takes to become a freelancer (even if you have no experience)! This is incredibly actionable step-by-step advice based on my firsthand experience growing my freelance business. Everything you need to know to market yourself as a freelance writer is contained in this e-book.


Are you a beginner freelancer? Learn how I started and began earning as a freelancer, even when I had no experience. Information contained in this ebook is based on tried and true methods that have worked for me and many individuals that I know.

Take my blueprint. Learn how to find and land clients, even if you have no experience or samples/portfolio to show. Discover the secrets to building a reputation from scratch in as little as 30 days. Learn how to decide exactly which service to provide to make the most money possible and much more all within this detailed book.

What’s inside this ebook?

  • Learn how to MAKE MONEY OUT OF YOUR WRITING SKILL (or other creative skill such as design, voice-overs).
  • Discover what to expect as a freelancer/freelance writer and learn what you need to start on the right track.
  • Learn how to create and display your portfolio for maximum visibility.
  • Learn the client acquisition processes that have worked and is still working for me.
  • Learn how to set your price so you can make a living out of offering your creative services online.
  • Understand basic and effective communication with clients.
  • Learn the necessary tools to run your business.
  • Learn how to manage your time, client and money.
  • Learn how to create goals and have that solopreneur mindset.
  • Included: 2 free invoice makers (to help you get paid on time), service agreement template(to ensure hitch-free and successful transactions).

Bonus Resources

  • When you purchase, we send you a bundle of 5 valuable e-books with your purchase.
  • You automatically gain a spot for a FREE 15-Minute Support Call to ask and get answers to all your questions regarding freelancing/freelance writing.


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